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Apparel Fabric - Where Style Meets Comfort

At Göksu Tekstil, we offer a diverse range of apparel fabrics that are truly exceptional. Our fabrics combine style and comfort, allowing you to enjoy every moment. Discover the latest trends from the fashion world in our collections that reflect your personal style.

Quilted Category (Upcoming Category)

Quilted Fabric Varieties: Our quilted fabric collection, crafted by closely following trends, will capture your attention with its diverse patterns and color options. The perfect destination for combining elegance and comfort in your designs.


Vibrant and Colorful Printed Fabrics: Express your imagination with our printed fabrics that let you create your unique style. Draw attention with our extensive range of products reflecting the forefront of fashion trends.


Embrace Comfort with Soft Plush Fabrics: Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of our plush fabrics on chilly days. Our plush collection, with its luxurious texture and comfort, is ideal for various applications, from home decor to clothing.

Apparel Faux Leather

Elegance and Eco-Friendly Designs with Faux Leather: Our apparel faux leather collection offers the look of real leather with an ethical approach, combining sophistication and sustainability. Beyond fashion, seize the opportunity to make eco-conscious choices.